Design Consultant
Looking for a Contractor

I am a talented designer of high-end luxury custom homes and estates. I’m looking for a creative contractor who thinks outside the box and who is as passionate about high-end construction as I am about high-end design. I am looking to co-create with a contractor who can transform my design brilliance into successful construction within my client’s budget and timeline. A contractor whose team will turn my vision into reality without having to hold their hands.

Looking for a Contractor

I develop architectural plans for a client luxury custom homes and estates. I need to work with a contractor who respects the value of, and enjoys collaborating with, architects to ensure that my designs can be built within my clients’ budgets and timelines… and who can help me find creative solutions to build out challenges that might arise. The contractor I’m looking needs to be able to work side by side with me to troubleshoot execution challenges as early as possible. The contractor I seek understands luxury and high-end builds and has a highly skillful team of artisans who can brilliantly execute my plan.

Real Estate Agent
Looking For A Contractor

For Buyers

I am a realtor of high-end luxury custom homes and estates. The properties I sell often need work, and my problem is that this puts off many buyers, even when I can see that a particular home would be perfect for them. I am seeking a high-end contractor to partner with, who can provide my clients with all the answers they’re looking for so they can feel comfortable taking their next step in buying a home I have shown to them. The contractor I seek is someone who is really good at putting my clients at ease by giving them the answers they are looking for about whether a renovation they will love will be doable within their budget and timeline.

For Sellers

I am a realtor of high-end luxury custom homes and estates. I regularly have clients with a great house and a great location that must become more appealing in order to be sold more quickly and/or for the price they want. I seek a dependable contractor who can jump right in and make the renovations that will be most appealing to buyers as quickly and simply as possible… and who can help my clients see the value they will get by investing in these renovations.

Estate Attorney/
Financial Planner
Looking For A Contractor

I have a client who just inherited a high-end luxury custom home or estate and wants to renovate into their own personal paradise. As their financial planner or estate attorney, I am seeking a contractor I can trust to help my client with renovation design and a price structure that they and I can easily understand, followed by setting a realistic buildout timeline and supervising the entire renovation process.