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premier luxury home remodeling

Elevated Remodeling is a full service premier luxury home remodeling company that has has brought back to life some of San Diego’s most prestigious ranch and coastal real estate since 2007.

Today we help people who attained excellence in their careers remodel their house into their dream home. We delight in working alongside top real estate agents, designers, and architects.

The Vision & Team That Makes Elevated Remodeling Elevated

Miguel Ochoa’s vision and core philosophy that led to Elevated Remodeling started in 2007, to create a personalized experience that resulted in a better, faster, and lighter approach to construction while making it pleasurable for everyone involved. Our Elevated approach to construction combines time proven methods, the latest construction management software, and reliable A+ suppliers, artisans, and crew. As a team of like-minded collaborators who elevate each other’s excellence, we draw out of you the dream you most want turned into reality. We approach each project with one goal: you being utterly delighted that you chose us and us being utterly delighted that we chose you. That’s the magic of collaboration. And that’s the remodeling journey we guide you through at Elevated Remodeling.

“A small team of A+ players can run circles
around a big team of B and C players.”

– steve jobs

Our foundational purpose at Elevated Remodeling is to do exactly that. Like attracts like: Because we at Elevated Remodeling know that we are the average of who we surround ourselves with, our team includes award-winning architects, designers and artisans who have high standards for themselves and those around them, and who naturally push one another to new heights of excellence while having fun doing this… so we can provide you with a top quality experience from start to finish. Elevated Remodeling’s CEO, Miguel Ochoa, personally oversees every project to ensure that your needs are superbly met.

That, in a nutshell, is Elevated Remodeling’s secret sauce. And this, in turn, is why we only work with architects, designers, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients, who share our values, standards, and work ethic.

About Miguel Ochoa,
Owner & CEO

Over the course of his career, Miguel Ochoa has run large-scale complex projects with many working parts and large crews. These have included multi-homes, high-end and custom homes, commercial buildings, government contracts, schools, and tenant improvements.

His life-long passion for fine homes, attention to details, and excellence was planted in him by both of his working-class parents, during his humble beginnings as a child and teen growing up in Valley Center and Temecula, California.

Miguel’s mom cleaned luxury homes because these owners recognized how deeply she valued excellence and attention to the smallest details. She often brought Miguel along to assist her. He quickly learned that when you value excellence and admire beauty, you notice small details and all the little imperfections that no one else is likely to see. Miguel came to marvel at the results that he could produce by assisting his mother. Accompanying her also kindled in him a deep passion for fine homes.

Miguel’s dad worked in construction with crews who took huge pride in doing great jobs, and who settled for nothing short of superb. When Miguel was 15, his dad started taking him to job sites after school and on weekends. The work crews quickly adopted him as an apprentice because they recognized the attention to details and excellence that he had learned from working with his mother. He learned from them that working hard could be great fun, and he took great joy in picking up on all of the smallest details that must be attended to in taking large projects from start to finish with utmost excellence.

At 18, Miguel started working for Berg Electric in San Diego, while also taking on side jobs through his own businesses. Over time, Miguel worked his way up to being a project manager, as he continued to learn all of the small details involved in large projects. He got his contractor’s license at 21 (in 2007), and eventually reached a point where the excellence he valued was beyond what was expected by his employers. It gradually dawned on him that the only way he could take his next steps forward was to start his own construction company.

Now the father of a boy and a girl, Miguel founded CheckLight Construction in 2016. His mission was to always find a better way to do all things faster, and without sacrificing an ounce of quality. He quickly discovered that he had a knack not only for selecting outstanding subcontractors, but for managing their collaboration so it synergized their excellence. He was also relentless in evaluating each project after it was completed, so he could identify what went right, what could have been done even better, and how to never repeat what went wrong.

Miguel soon discovered the linchpin that refined his business focus into a laser beam: He realized that because he won’t settle for less than superb, he most enjoys doing projects for homeowners who genuinely value excellence and that, most often, the clients who hold these values are masters in their own industries. As he puts it, “when you meet standards that high, you know you’re doing something truly worthwhile.” This realization caused him to re-launch his business as Elevated Remodeling in 2020 so he could bring all of the wisdom he gained throughout his career to homeowners whose standards are as high as his own. Today, as a remodeling master, what motivates Miguel is learning, leading, collaborating, and building lasting friendships along the way.

He looks forward to discovering whether your standards make utilizing Elevated Remodeling your best possible match.

Warranty, Service
& Maintenance

We Stand Behind Our Work Long After We’re Done

Your delight is our passion. That doesn’t end when the job is complete. If you ever need warranty service on what we have created, we will cheerfully and promptly provide that to your satisfaction.

To enjoy a hassle-free home and get the longest life out of your investment, we also provide customized maintenance plans to a small number of clients, because no one knows our work better than we do. These can include yearly assessments of your property and maintenance schedules for replacing limited-life items such as water filters and air filters, re-sealing stones/tile/grout, flushing out water heaters, and so forth.