I Want to Sell My Home for the Best Price

We have loved living in our house and we want the next owners to love it even more for their next life chapter. We want to get our house into such great shape that we will look forward to seeing them around town. We realize that to get the price we want for our home, we need to make some improvements. We’re not sure which of these will make the most difference in getting the right buyer at the right price.

We are seeking a contractor who can help us determine which changes will get us the best return in the shortest buildout time. We don’t want to be deeply involved with this process because that would get us even more attached to our home at a time when we’re trying to get comfortable with leaving it. Since we’re likely going to still be in our house while these changes are occurring, we need a contractor we can depend on to keep our house clean, our children and pets safe, and who will simply be pleasant to be around. We are also looking for a contractor who takes our neighbors’ needs into account by keeping noise and dust to a minimum, not hogging parking spots, and keeping the work site clean and attractive.

I Found a Perfect Home But It Needs Upgrades

I am in escrow or I just bought my new upscale home or estate. Even though I love the place, it’s missing things that a home of this caliber should have. I need to complete these upgrades quickly so I can start in my new home. I have some ideas about the improvements I want. I am seeking a masterful contractor with a road-tested process for doing this, who can help me finalize my plan, make my selections, and quickly turn my purchase into my dream home without irritating my new neighbors.